Refining Internet and Digital Skills for Genealogy

Refining Internet and Digital Skills for Genealogy

Course Description:

This course covers essential online genealogical research trends and digital methods necessary for productive family history research in the twenty-first century. The focus will be on using computers for research, but much of what will be covered will also apply to apps on mobile devices. Track components include organizing, searching, records, tools, and more.

What students should bring to the course:

Students should have a basic understanding of operating a computer and accessing the Internet. Students should also have an understanding of basic genealogical sources and terminology. Prior to the course students might want to set up accounts for Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud storage services. Laptops and tablets are welcome in class for note-taking and testing new skills.


Unit or Topic
Maintaining an Organized Computer: Digital Filing & The Cloud
Evernote: A Genealogist’s Research Workbook
Building a Digital Research Plan
A Guided Tour to Cyndi’s List
Advanced Google Skills
Using Internet Indexes: Navigating the Pitfalls of the Digital Age to Find Your Ancestors
Newspaper Tools Online: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
The Hidden Web: Digging Deeper
Unappreciated Treasures: Libraries, Archives & Digital Collections
Foreign Language Tools for English-Speaking Genealogists
Timelines: The Straight Line Between You and Your Ancestor
Pin Your Ancestors Down with Google Maps & Google Earth
Spreadsheets 101: Excel®, The Genealogist’s Underutilized Tool
Ten Resources I Use Every Day: Miscellaneous Tips for the Online Researcher
Remaining instructional time will be hands-on computer lab

Course Instructor:

Cyndi Ingle is the owner and creator of Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet,, a categorized index to over 333,000 online resources. Cyndi’s List is an award-winning site which helps millions of visitors worldwide. Cyndi, a genealogist for more than 34 years, is a past-member of the board of directors for the National Genealogical Society. She is the author of three books for genealogical research on the Internet titled, Netting Your Ancestors, Cyndi's List, and Planting Your Family Tree Online: How To Create Your Own Family History Web Site.

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